Quick Basketball Shooting Fix | Most Players Ignore These 3 Keys To Shooting

Hey, it’s Coach Rock.

In today’s article, I will walk you through a few changes to test with your shot that might help you improve as a shooter and become more consistent.

These changes aren’t only going to be physical changes to your form. 

I don’t want to mess with that too much. 

That is to say, I don’t want to change too much of your shot…

But there are a few tweaks you can make today to help you improve.  

Tip #1 - Focus on your base

All shots start from the ground up.

That means your base is essential when shooting.

But not for the reasons people think.

You see, most people think the reason the base is important when shooting is to help you with strength in your shot.

That may be true… depending on your shooting form.

But the real reason the base is crucial in your shooting is that it helps your balance.

And to be a great shooter, you have to be balanced.

In fact, you want to keep everything still, including your head and chest.

If you have a weak base, you won’t be on balance and won’t be a good shooter.

The key is to see what feels most comfortable for you.

One tip to do this is to jump up and see how your feet land.

Your feet naturally will land in a specific way that keeps you balanced and prevents your body from falling over.

So that will usually be the stance where you are most balanced.

You can rapidly improve your shooting just by adjusting your balance.

Tip #2 - The Shot Path

The next thing we’ll get into is the shot path.

If you are wondering what part of your shot this is…

It’s what you do with the ball from the waste into your release.

You should have some sort of C or V motion within this area.

It totally depends on how low your release point is.

For guys like Trey Young, you might see more of a V motion.

For guys like Klay Thompson, you might see more of a C motion.

As long as you have either of these, then you are good to go.

Tip #3 - Always be aware

The final tip for today is to always be aware of what’s happening when you shoot, even if you are shooting by yourself. 

Think about trying to swish every single shot you shoot, hold yourself accountable, make shots in a row without hitting the rim. 

When you miss, think about why did you miss? 

Did you miss left? Did you miss right? Did you miss short? Did you miss long?

The more you practice this, the easier you will be able to decipher flaws in your shot…

So that way, you can make adjustments on the fly in real games.

This will make all the difference in your in-game performance. 

If you apply these 3 tips to your shooting, I guarantee you will see massive increases in your shot.

You will improve your accuracy, confidence, and consistency.

If you are really looking to transform your shot, check out this brand new training we just created to help you do exactly that.