5-Minute Basketball Warm-up Before Every Game You Play

In this article, I am going to share with you a 5-minute basketball warm-up drill that you can use in your before every game.

Cross-Between-Behind Warm-Up Ball-Handling Drill

As seen in the video above, you will go cross-between-behind while moving forward and backwards.

You will also add dribbles to each rep as you go. 

So the first time, you will do one cross, one between, and one behind. The second time, you will do two crosses, two between, and two behind. You will continue to do this as you go. You will do this going forward and backwards. 

What additional things can you do?

You can add more sets and reps if you have time. You can either go higher or increase the reps. You can increase to five, six or ten if you want.

I do not usually go higher than five dribbles per each move…

But you could if you want to.

You can also work on your passing with each hand if you have a partner.

At the end of every rep you can pass the ball with each of your hands. 

This works on your ball-handling and your one-hand passing, which is very important if you are a point guard. 

That’s something Steve Nash was really good at. 

He was one of the best passers in the NBA because he did not take a split second to grab the ball and pass it.

We know everything happens so fast in basketball that a split second delay could prevent you from making a good pass. It could prevent you from getting ahead on the court and it could prevent your teammates from being open for a shot because that split second could allow the defender to recover.

So those are little things to think about when you are on the court or working on your own at home.

Benefits of the 5-minute warm-up for ball handling:

Here are some benefits of the 5-minute warm-up workout for ball handling:

  • You can do it from home, in your basement, garage, or driveway.
  • It helps you improve your handles.
  • You do not need a proper place to do the warm-up.
  • You only need a little space.
  • Helps prepare you for real games.

What to look for in this 5-minute ball handling drill?

  • Focus on pounding the basketball
  • Focus on trying to get low
  • Concentrate on being crisp


Remember, even if you make mistakes while doing the exercise, that’s perfectly fine.

Sometimes everyone screws up the ball.

You just have to keep trying.

You’re going to make mistakes, but eventually you’ll get to the point where you’ll be super fast and you will not make any mistakes.

Your handles will get better and better and you will see noticeable results in no time.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you enjoyed it, you’ll love some of our programs which you can find here.